Family Mediation For Parenting Plans

The Family Dispute Resolution process, formerly known as Family Mediation, is a less confrontational means to reaching agreement for a Parenting Plan.

Going to Court can be an emotionally and financially draining experience. It therefore benefits all parties and in particular the children, if a Parenting Plan can be reached more amicably.

After separation, it is unnecessary to go to Court for decisions to be made about the care if your children.

You and your former partner can make your own decisions with or without the intervention of a third party. The best case scenario is if you and the other parent can come to an arrangement that works for everyone (in particular the children).

If you are unable to do this because of high conflict, then you may engage a Family Law Solicitor or a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

It is now mandatory to attend Family Dispute Resolution if you wish to approach the Family Court.

A Parenting Plan is an agreement created by two parents, signed and dated. This agreement may be all that is necessary. However, a Parenting Plan is NOT legally binding.

If you and your former partner wish to have a legally binding agreement, then you need to apply for Consent Orders. This can be done through your solicitor or by completing a form available for this purpose to be registered at the Family Court.

Parenting Decision-Making Checklist

The following is a checklist of decisions you may need to make with the other parent. Considering these will make life easier for you and your children. It is important to remain flexible and keep focused on the best interests of your child/children. You may like to agree on the easy things first and return to the hard decisions later.

Where will the children live?

How Will You Arrange:

Where Will They Attend:

Who Will Pay For The Children's:

How Will You Share Information:

Try To Agree:

Are You Willing To Refrain From:

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