About Christine Bennett

As a marriage counsellor I have specialised in working with couples for over 20 years. For the most part I have been helping partners reconnect their intimacy after varying periods of frustration and pain.

Wanting to expand on how I may continue help couples, I now offer Family Dispute Resolution as a trained practitioner registered with the Attorney General's Department. (See listing on Family Dispute Resolution Register.)

Qualifications and Memberships:

Family Mediation and Child Inclusive Practice

The personal non-judgemental approach that is important with counselling is even more so with Family Mediation and Child Inclusive Practice. Often emotions are running high for the couple who are separating, sometimes after a long period of living together. When children are involved, there is even more emotional investment in the outcome of how the children will be cared for following separation.

It is therefore important that both parties are heard by an impartial facilitator where the needs of the children are considered foremost in reaching agreement for Parenting Plans that hold the children's best interest foremost in mind..

I take a child focused approach to mediation and if appropriate a Child Consultant can be appointed to offer a voice to children with parent's consent. In low conflict situations, I am prepared and qualified to offer both roles of Child Consultant and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

This is an important option for parents to consider as it is often the children who suffer most in family breakup. Even though the parents themselves are suffering pain, this is often so intense that children's needs can be overlooked.

North Shore Family Mediation holds the philosophy that each person's needs warrant respect and due consideration, especially those of children and possibly other relatives such as grandparents.

Marriage Counselling Practice

If there is any chance of reconciliation, then I recommend participating in marriage counselling prior to proceeding with mediation.

During marriage counselling sessions the focus will be on what changes may need to be implemented for a couple to consider reconcilation.

These changes towards building better relationships include learning new skills in communication, emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, managing stress, and healing limiting emotional patterns.

Caring4Couples is based on the philosophy of educating for change to enhance a couple's experience of relationship and to assist single people to find a suitable partner.

Various therapeutic modalities are employed including Imago Relationship therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Voice Dialogue, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Provocative Energy Techniques and Archetypal Therapy.

Christine Bennett offers Family Dispute Resolution and Marriage Counselling in Crows Nest, North Shore Sydney, Central Coast and Online.

Christine Bennett Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
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